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Alvican designs automated home monitoring systems for individuals and nursing homes that is easy to set up and is efficient at providing increased security and comfort

Independent living

With Alvican’s solutions, you can extend your independent living at home

Nursing home

Alvican’s welfare technology provides efficiency with wireless solutions

Residential complex

Alvican’s solutions increase the safety of residents and staff

Serviced apartments

With Alvican’s solutions, you can make your service more efficient

Cloud based solutions

We use private cloud, where cloud computing services are made available only to those businesses to which they apply. Here, the environment(s) that the cloud services are delivered from will typically be dedicated to the individual customer or a defined group of customers.

User interface is with master control web-page and client app on smart phones gives relatives and caretakers a fast and clean view of the situation.

Our story

The start

Alvican was established after a successful participation in the Nordic Independent Living Challenge held by the Nordic capital city’s and Nordic Innovation.

The company was named E21 that has now been changed to Alvican.


In this competition we joined forces with Falk A/S of Denmark and Phillips A/S, and after almost 2 years of work the project reached the semi-finalist position.

The start

The company is dedicated to develop solutions for E-health with focus on elderly and disabled. Solutions for the rapidly increasing number of elders in the Nordics is our main tasks.


Alvican works closely with health professionals, municipalities and welfare centers. We are adjusting our data gateway to solve practical issues for older people wanting to stay longer in their own homes.

At Alvican we work towards allowing people to live longer at home, with increased security, without any intrusions into their privacy.

Halldór Axelsson
Founder, CTO

Sponsors and Partners

The team

Arnar Ægisson


Halldór Axelsson

Founder, CTO

Axel Halldórsson


Brandur Karlsson

Service design

Hermann Hafsteinsson

Graphic designer




Hátún 12
105 Reykjavík
Telephone: (+354) 492-2000
Mobile: (+354) 647-2000

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